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1. lucile l. babia - August 20, 2008

ahm actually im one of those who are against with same sex marriage because as you can see Philippines is a catholic country and we are being taught of sacredness about mariage,a party who are having of two different genders..in a conservative point of view having same sex marriage for me is not acceptable….where is the??respect for marriage???the sacredness about these are no longer develop but change,lastly i just want to preserve the sacredness of marriage…

lucile l. babia 8:00 TTH (Gh203)

2. LUCILE L. BABIA - September 29, 2008

YES we have the right to court a MAN ….ahm for me according to our society now that some of the women are expressing theirself through courting a man…Yes woman can now court the guy because we all have the so called the freedom of expression so everybody must abide it with accordance to our constitution and to our Culture thats probihibit the woman to court the man now been ignore because as what august comte said that society is evolving so now we all have equal rights but some men thinks and conclude directly the woman that shes a flirt without hesitating that she is only expressing herselt to him…

3. LUCILE L. BABIA - September 29, 2008

As you can see Philippines now are improving even if we have many lost in terms of money but you noticed that all filipinos are helping the nation to be more strong and competent to excel interms of bussiness and economic stablity even if we have ups in down in our country. The values of the Filipinos still uphold just to survive the hunger for poverty..but in the bad side some of our important leaders that should lead us are the one who are making gambling and corruptions in our country..When it will stop??

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