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Culture of Fear… by:Maribeth Q. Galindo November 18, 2008

Posted by beth95 in current issues and historical facts.



                     What’s with the culture of fear? How the people live if they are bounded with the culture of fear? Is there any possibility to put an end with the culture of fear? These might some of the questions that you would probably ask…..

                     Anyway, you are within the premises of culture of fear if you live in a society wherein the government leaders, influential personalities or group of people do actions that causes anxiety and sorrow. Thus, by impending danger, evil or pain among people it arouses distressful emotions, then you are bounded within the culture of fear.

                    Historically, before colonization period, culture of fear was instilled into the minds of the local settlers by their chieftains or the so-called Datu, the head of their barangay. According to history writings, it was made clear to all members of the community that those who were proven guilty of violating the laws will be punished. Thus, the imposition of cruel and bitter punishment such cutting the fingers of a robber or cutting the head of a rapist or a murderer developed the culture of fear for the other not to follow.

                   Moreover, during Spanish period, culture of fear was more emphasized by the Spanish colonizers in order to control the people of the colony. Any Filipinos who go against the Spanish government by any means will be punished. Those who questioned about the unjust Spanish governance in a form of writing were usually put into jail or some of them were exiled to far places. In addition, those who led the uprising against the Spaniards were arrested and executed. Sadly, most of the leaders of the revolts who implicated a revolutionary plot if caught were given harsh penalties. To name some, Agustin de Legaspi, Martin Mangan, Dionisio Fernandez and others who attempted to regain their lost freedom in Tondo, Manila were brutally hanged. Their heads were cut off in public and place in iron cages. These cruel penalties created fearful emotions among Filipinos. It developed anxiety to the colony and it brought sorrow to those who lose their loved ones. With the evil deeds of the colonizers, it showed a great danger to people who tries to detach from the Spanish tyranny. Indeed, it caused so much pain to those who became the victims of injustices. Nevertheless, same scenario happened during American and Japanese colonization. The inculcation of culture of fear was deeply implanted into the minds of every Filipinos.

                In the contemporary time culture of fear still prevail. Newscasters, radio announcers, writers or journalist who publicly criticized or exposed the anomaly of a certain person who has the position in the government unfortunately, they were assassinated. With the killing of these media people, it clearly shows that the culture of fear still prevalent at present time. Terrorist act were used in order for these people to remain in power.

                  Now, is it possible to put an end with this culture of fear? Yes, there would always be a possibility to end this up if the people will overcome the fear in their mind and be courageous enough to say something if they have seen any wrong doings and be brave enough too to stand for what they believe is right and truth no matter what it takes even sacrificing their own life. But it’s not easy to do this it takes a very long process of reshaping the mind of the people and abolishing the culture of fear. Can you take the challenge?…………….           



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