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Do You Believe That Life Is Fair?…by:Maribeth Q. Galindo November 11, 2008

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               Who said that life is fair? Do you believe that there is fairness in life? Primarily to some extend there is fairness. As human being, we both feel love and wanted to be loved. We both feel pain if we are hurt. We both feel happy if we succeed. We both feel sad if we fail. We both shed tears if we lose our loved ones. We both feel empty if something is missing. We both get sick if our immune system is weak. We both feel tired if we work too much. Most of all, we both die on earth. In other words, with no exemptions, all will feel love, pain, happiness, sadness, bitterness, emptiness, sickness and die where the fairness of life lies regardless whether you are rich or poor.

                 However, unfairness of life will always be felt by those who are less fortunate. They could not feel the fairness of life if they see that there are some people who live in a house worth 20 million and above and yet many who live in a squatter area or under the bridge that made of plywood and cartoons. They could not feel the fairness of life if they see that there are people who can feed their family more than three times a day having bountiful, delicious and abundant food in their table during meal time and yet many have difficulty of feeding their family others have to scan the garbage first to look for left over for them to have something to fill in their empty stomach. They could not feel the fairness of life if they see that there are some people who can send their children to school where they always wanted and take the course that they like and yet many families who have difficulty of sending their children even to public schools and finish at least elementary level. They could not see the fairness of life if they see that there are some people who can go to other countries for vacation and yet many have not even visited to nearby places coz they could not afford to pay for the fare. They could not feel the fairness of life if they see that there are some people who could bring their family members to hospitals in case of sickness and emergency and yet many who could not even afford to buy a medicine for their sick family members. They could not feel the fairness of life if they see that the well-known drug lords, obvious corrupt politicians, master mind of kidnappers and carnapper can freely enjoy their life outside the prison cell and yet many suffers in jail because they were caught stealing a pair of slippers, food or minor violation were charge against them and they stayed in jail for many years because they could not pay the bail for their case. Most of all they could not feel the fairness in life if many whose dignity is taken away from them and nothing is left anymore.

                  Now, if we look at life brought by its external factors such how much wealth that an individual possess or how influential an individual can be based on his/her positions therefore, life is never been fair to everyone……..How about you, do you believe that life is fair??????????              



1. Mary Jane Dellosa BSN-3C - November 16, 2008

I believe that life is fair according to God’s rules, but not according to ours. Personally, I don’t believe that life is all that fair, at least in the short term. Over time, though, justice happens to people and to situations. I think that we need to take as much responsibility as possible for the way our lives have gone. On the other hand, it’s amazing how many things a person can actually take responsibility for.

2. mae whitlessey b. guerrero - November 17, 2008

About the importance of Philippine history of Ms.Maribeth Galindo,
I can say that it made a great important role in which the generations would come made to realize how important to know the happenings during the times that our diffefent heroes made their sacrifices for the better next generations.As a Filipino citizen we need to be aware on how Philippnes survive during the time when the colonizers intended to colonize our country.We need to be thankful for them and appreciate their efforts to help the Philippines remain as it was.

3. Ivan Clyde Cascabel - November 17, 2008

yes, i believe that life is fair because life is giving us to choose our path weather it is right or wrong.

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