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It Pays When You Have Money… by:maribeth Q. Galindo November 4, 2008

Posted by beth95 in Thoughts.


                  Warning: The money that I am referring to is not the cents in your pocket or the money in your wallet. I am referring to the amount of money that is more than enough for one to live in comfort and have a luxurious life.

                  Nowadays people work for money. Sometimes they live with money and die for money. Other says money is the source of all evils and mistakenly made money as the center of their lives thus, making money as their god. But nonetheless, money is also an instrument for doing good. Who doesn’t want to have money? Everybody wants it. You’ll be sarcastic if you said you don’t want it. That is why we worked hard simply to look for money. Unfortunately, there are people who worked hard day and night and yet the money that they’ve earned is not enough to suffice their basic needs. And there are people who are lucky enough that even without working that much and yet money just come and go and enjoy not only their basic necessity but also all their wants in life. How one wish to have that kind of life? Are you envious?

                  You may say, no I am not envied, why should I? After all money is not the most important thing in this world nor it can’t buy everything. The answer may sound sour grapping but there is a truth in it. Yes, it may be true that money can’t buy everything but it can almost buy everything. Let’s face the fact that money can make the world round. It can prolong one’s life. It can make the right wrong and make wrong into right. It can even delayed justice and buy it sometimes. It can make one smells good to other thus, the more money you have, the more friends you have too. It can make one beautiful/handsome especially if one is riding the latest model of BMW, it can make you famous then. And if you have the money, you have more honey to come.

                 When you get sad and you wanted to get away with sadness for a while all you have to do is simply get a plane ticket for Singapore to take your brunch there and in the afternoon you will fly to Paris to have some shopping and stay in a five star hotel for a night. The following day, you will proceed to Vatican City to hear a mass after that you will purchase a ticket again for Las Vegas to watch some shows. The day after, you found yourself in the Caribbean Island for relaxation in a couple of days. Before going home, you pass by Africa to buy some diamonds as part of your jewelry collections and then get back home….. I am sure sadness will not be entertained and will be forgotten. It really pays when you have money, isn’t it?             




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