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Ghost…. by: Maribeth Q. Galindo October 28, 2008

Posted by beth95 in Thoughts.


                     Professional paranormal believes that there is ghost or disembodied spirit of a dead person wandering in this world. According to experts, these are the spirits that are not settled yet. They are everywhere, they can see us but we cannot see them. The spirit  of our loved one’s who passed away were just around watching over us but we cannot watch over them while reading this article who knows they’re watching over you or sitting beside  you especially when you feel the cold wind like an ice touches your skin deep into the pores and you feel strange alone, they’re with you right now. Are you afraid then? There’s nothing to be afraid of. Ghost is harmless. They could not do anything to harm you by any means. You may be afraid more to those who are alive because they could harm you anytime of the day. Besides, we have not heard any news that someone was being killed, being murdered or being raped by the ghost but we’ve heard that killing, murder and rape are being made by the people that soon to be ghost when their time comes.

                    So, this coming “All Souls day,” we must not forget to visit our loved one’s who passed away to come and visit them in their respective cemetery where they were buried because it’s a special day we intended for them although we remember them in our hearts everyday. These ghost or spirits might be happy seeing his/her family, friends, neighbor gather once again eating, laughing or crying perhaps reminiscing the past… But for those who doesn’t believe in ghost, they may always say that ghost is always been a product of imagination that our mind creates…. How about you, do you believe in ghost?  



1. Michel B. Bolo - November 17, 2008

hello ma’am, i believe in your opinion that we must celebrate and go to cemetery this All Souls Day so that we show to them that we love them specially to those who need our mercy and love. You know ma’am i believe in ghost, many people say that ghost is not true but as of my own observation ghost is true. they are there beside seeing us where ever we are, where ever we go. You know ma’am i am scared of them, i don’t want to talk with them because i have a phobia about this kind of stories and anything. I love your posts, it would help us motivated or grammar and speaking skills that we have. Once again ma’am thank you.

2. Ayeesa Hani A. Japitana - November 18, 2008

Well, I’m not afraid of ghost, mas matakot pa nga ako sa tao eh!! As ma’am G said that ghost is harmless not like person they can harm you anytime they want.

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