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Calling, Calling… by: Maribeth Q. Galindo October 20, 2008

Posted by beth95 in Thoughts.


                   Calling, calling, do you want to be a call center agent? If you are articulate in English and can enunciate it properly this job is best suit for you. It sounds interesting especially for those who are looking for a job. Isn’t it? What makes it interesting anyway? First, no pleasing personality is required. Whether you look good or not, untidy or clean look, small or tall in height, it doesn’t really matter most as long as you speak in English well. Second, age limit is not that strict even the applicant is 50 years old and above as long as he/she can communicate in English, he/she has the possibility to be hired for the job. Third, regardless of what course you took up in college whether nursing, engineering, accountancy, education, pharmacy, medical technology, nutrition and dietetics, secretarial,  automotive mechanics or even undergraduates is given equal footing during application except if the applicant is really that good in English, he/she has the edge over the other applicants. Fourth, gays, lesbians, singles, married, mistress, separated, annulled, divorced can freely apply. In other words, call centers promotes no gender or status biases among applicants and employers as well. Fifth, those who are comfortable working at night till dawn, you fit for this job. Of course, I am not referring to those GRO’s and prostitutes who loves also to work at night. Lastly, physically handicapped individual who dream to have a descent job and earn better income despite of their physical make up can apply and will be entertained too.

                     Indeed, as an agent you are expected to be the source of information of any products and other sellable things which the foreigner wants to know about or buy something without going to the malls anymore and shops. Thus, it is your work to endorse the product being assigned to you and promote it through the use of technology such computers, phones and other gadgets and persuade if not convince your client to purchase the products and if you can close a deal and sold it out, the best thing is a commission will be given aside from the monthly salary that you are receiving. Oppppssss! Those who thinks that this job is so easy, I bet your notion is wrong because not just articulation is needed for this kind of job but a good condition of your auditory system is much necessary too and a long patience as well coz your dealing with different types of foreign nationalities having different personalities. There are personalities that are dominant, arrogant, bossy and demanding although not all. As an agent definitely, you can encounter them as you through with your job just be ready with their insult or shout at you when the costumers got mad when you did not get what they mean.

                    Apply now if you can take the challenge especially those individual who took up a very expensive courses such nursing and engineering who plans to work in abroad sadly, there is a global recession happening , US, Europe, Australia undergone economic crisis, you might not be accommodated there as of the moment while the crisis is on going. As for the mean time why don’t you apply as a call center agent who knows you will be hired, seemingly a call center agent is better than no job at all. Come to think of it?                            



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