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Semestral Break…by: Maribeth Q. Galindo October 13, 2008

Posted by beth95 in Thoughts.

                    It’s semestral break once again, one of the most awaited moment for the students in the tertiary level. It’s time for them to get rid of reading too many chapters of their books in preparation of the written quiz for the next day or oral quiz given that made sometimes the beating of their heart fast especially when their name is called. It’s time for them to stop for a while making or copying assignments perhaps and doing projects in their different subjects and submit it on time. It’s time for them not to see in a couple weeks their most loved teachers at the same time their terror and most hated teachers too that probably gave them so much pressure inside the classroom. Most of all, it’s time for them to get up late in bed in the morning coz they don’t have to be in a hurry for their 7:30 class. Thus, it’s time for them to be relaxed academically for the mean time, going home to their provinces and perhaps enjoy the short vacation. Well, aside missing their classmates and friends, the sad thing is their daily, weekly or monthly allowances would be cut off temporarily.

                     Moreover, semestral break is also a break for the parents from paying the tuition fees of their sons/daughters, giving allowances or any form of financial obligations that has something to do with the education of their children. Thus, in economic terms, students are one of those most expensive expenses of the parents and the ROI otherwise known as the return of investment is not yet sure to come for all we know sending children to school and finish the coarse that they take up is a gamble too.

                     Nevertheless, semestral break is a break too for the college teachers. It gives them a break to a daily classroom routine from Monday to Friday facing the different personalities of their students that inspire them to teach and somehow perspire them and gave them a headache sometimes if not all the times. It allows them to deviate from the usual stuffs such checking and recording bundles of papers and other paper works.

                     So, what can I say? Congratulation students for you were able to survive the academic and non-academic challenges for this semester……………Have fun!                  



1. Mary Ann Rose M. Lim BSHRM-2A - November 17, 2008

it is true that the semestrial break is one of the most awaited by the students.. this the exciting day when all the students will go for fun like going malls, bars and etc… because of its committment they are happy when sem.break is upcoming because they want to avoid like quizzes and exams… and i am happy of having a semestrial break because of some parents want to have a break of paying the tuition fees of their children..

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