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The Psychology of Texting by: Maribeth Q. Galindo October 6, 2008

Posted by beth95 in Thoughts.

                   Aside from communication, what’s in the text? A person from the different walks of life seems to have fun with text. Everywhere I go, I see a lot of people text. It seems that texting take an active part of the everyday life of most Filipinos if not all. I could just imagine how uncomfortable or uneasy life in a day if one left his/her cell phone at home or lost it.

                   I wonder what’s the psychology of text that even a very ordinary person like the sidewalk vendors, a taxi and a jeepney dispatchers and others do have their cell phones and could afford texting for the whole day despite of the fact that they are not earning that much for all we know how difficult life then here in the Philippines. It’s none of my business anyway mine is just an observation how texting manipulate the mind of a person.

                   Moreover, every time I took a ride going to school and back home after office hours, I always see students, office workers, laborers, moms, dads, maids, young and old in general hold their cell phones and text. In the malls, shoppers do text while buying for something. In a coffee shop, friends bond together talking, laughing out loud at the same time texting. In an internet café same scenario would usually be seen texting while facing and operating the computer. Thus, I could see a lot of emotions with those people that I’ve met in my day to day living who engaged themselves in text. The transparency of their facial expressions made me observed the different emotions. I could see a happy face, a smiling face, a worried face, a frowning face and sometimes a teary eyed face. It’s amazing how text affects the feeling of one. Have you experienced it?

                  Simple messages like “magandang morning”, “gud nyt”, “how r u”, “kumain k n ba”, “i miss u”, “i luv u”, “i like u”, “take care coz i care”, “i tink of u” are some of the messages the made one smile and gave the feeling of joy and excitement to some. On the other hand, if one have not received any text in a day from their text mate, one start wondering what happen to him/her? And instantly made speculations such maybe she/he is mad at me, maybe she/he is busy with his/her other text mates, maybe something wrong happen, maybe she/he is having a date and doesn’t want to be disturbed, maybe she/he doesn’t like me anymore, and other maybes that made one paranoid and torturing himself/herself psychologically then get sad and lonely. If no one would text you in a day the usual line that I often heard is “nobody loves me”. But once you heard a beep from your cell phone at the back of your mind, you’re hoping that someone that you’ve waited for text you, if not one could be disappointed especially if one miss call him/her and the answering machine would tell him/her “the number you dialed is out of coverage area or cannot be reached”. What a feeling it gave?

                  Nevertheless, you could have an instant boyfriend/girlfriend in text. Married ones could make themselves singles. You could be beautiful/handsome in a text thus, one could even use any gender as one wishes too. In addition, one could make themselves younger/older in text. As you text every day, slowly you created an image into his/her mind that he /she wants too that’s the wonder of text. But beware, do not just be fooled by the words that you have read in the text coz you might get frustrated if you see your text mate in person which is far beyond from your imagination. Somehow, text sets us apart from what is reality and sometimes gives us false hope. Thus, mind conditioning came in where the psychology of texting is here………..            




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