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Artificial Beauty by: Maribeth Q. Galindo September 22, 2008

Posted by beth95 in Thoughts.


                     Webster dictionary defines beauty as the quality in a person or thing that gives intense aesthetic pleasure. Some says beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What is beautiful to me might not be beautiful to you. Thus, we have different standards of beauty.

                     With the fast changing world, who would really think that those physical features that are inborn could possibly be changed at this point in time such gender, skin color, shape of the nose, size of the eyes and others. If one has the means almost everything that she/he wants to happen to attain physical beauty is possible.

                    Apparently, physical beauty nowadays is given more emphasis especially in the field of media such advertisement in the television, magazines, internet commercials and others in promoting products thus be sold to public. Skinny women/men are seen to be more sexy than fat women/men as portrayed by media using different models in the world of fashion. Having long and well shape noses are seen to be more beautiful than those individuals who have flat noses as seen in the different “teleseryes” and movies. Having white complexion too is seen to be more attractive than those who have dark complexion. Thus, much emphasis of physical beauty paved the creation of the different beauty products such soap that whitens skin, glutathione, extraderm, ponds and others. Belo’s and Calayan”s clinic are some of the popular clinic in the Philippines that enhances physical beauty endorsed by well known showbiz celebrities.             

                     Seemingly, some individuals who are not physically gifted are engrossed to avail the services of such beauty clinic without further a do, thus, physical beauty will be enjoyed. Who doesn’t want to be beautiful anyway?

                     Personally, I don’t go for physical renovations if there is such term. But I am not against of those individuals who undergone surgeries for their own satisfaction. Anyway, enjoying artificial beauty is a personal choice. As a matter of fact, I appreciate the braveness of those individuals who went through operations for the sake of beauty. And I do encourage too to those individuals who can afford to enjoy artificial beauty especially if they are agonizing every time they looked at themselves in the mirror. If they think, it gives them satisfaction and happiness and make them more confident in dealing with other people, why not do it if they have the means. Famous line from Claire dele Fuente, popular singer during 80’s says nowadays “it’s a sin if you have the money and you remain ugly”. It sounds funny but there is a little truth in it.

                  On the other hand, physical beauty somehow is helpful in looking for a job. If you are intelligent and graduated with flying colors and yet you are not physically blessed, you might have the difficulty of finding a job especially if the company that you are applying is particular not with the grades alone but also with the physical appearance of their employees. A certain applicant cannot tell to the one who is in charge of hiring during the interview and said talk to my brain because I am intelligent never mind my face. Funny and shallow reasons for some but there are instances that it really happens. If you were to ask, would you undergone the process of attaining artificial beauty?                         



1. Philip Joseph L. Soler BSHRM-2 - November 17, 2008

Honestly speaking, i like this article because it relates to some of my friends in the early years (highschool), in the sense that they are too were very conscious of their faces and attire in every passing minutes. Actually, they are very mirror-oriented. There is a line in the article that says, “physical beauty is helpful in looking for a job”. As i read that line, it makes me more determined to be a well-groomed individual and to have more confidence at all times. Hoping for attending school graduation, i will do my best to be competitive for others at work not only for my brains but for my well-grooming physical appearance.

2. gracielle ma. rosette b. enobio - January 26, 2009

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but lets admit it with the daily advertisements shown by media we can’t stop ourselves from conforming to what the society quote as “BEAUTIFUL”. The physical aspects of a person contributes bigger in her as a whole, especially in career. Status quo shows that more and more Filipinos are obsessed in his/her physical renovation. To prove, the medical industry in relation to beauty is a hit for the past years.

I guess it’s up for them to do whatever they may want to do with their lives. If they have money, then why not? If it will boost their confidence then good for them. But for me, personally, it’s a matter of grooming. I don’t have to change myself, as in major renovation as a whole. It is because I prioritized first what must be prioritized. I trained myself to study and work. Maybe physically you’re absolutely gorgeous but it is not beauty that makes you last. It is how you deal with your work and co-workers. There will come a time that beauty will no longer be relevant but the learnings are indeed relevant. I believe that we must do our best to conform with God’s ways and not the other way around. God will judge us not by looks but how we live with the means of dealing and making the best out of what He has given us.

Beauty is not just about the physical aspect but it is dealt more with the inner that is incomparable. Let’s make the best out of life. It doesn’t mean changing yourself, physically and maybe personality wise. But it means improving yourself as to how you will live by what God would want.

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