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Same sex marriage by: Maribeth Q. Galindo September 9, 2008

Posted by beth95 in relationships.

                       Same sex marriage, is the Filipino culture ready to accept same sex marriage? Why not allow it? These are some of my questions that need to be clarified. In a conservative culture like Philippines, the word “marriage” is defined both in the church and in the state as a binding of two different genders, a male and female. This definition was and is clearly taught and inculcated to everyone’s mind. Thus, the sacredness of marriage lies in the sacrament and vows of the couples made. Unfortunately, there were/are couples who have difficulty of holding on what they have promised to each other then later file an annulment thus, making them free again. Indeed, marriage/annulment is a special privilege given to a man/woman. I said especial privilege because not every lover has given the legal and spiritual rights to be married such as gays/lesbians.

                       Why is it hard for the Filipino society to accept and allow same sex marriage? And to think the issue of same sex marriage has long been an issue that needs to be heard. In some countries like Belgium, Netherlands, Columbia, South Africa, Spain, Massachusetts, California etc. settled the cries of the gays/lesbians and legalized same sex marriage. However, gays/lesbians in the Philippines still fighting for the rights mentioned to be given to them.

                       At present, most of the lawmakers if not all are very much hesitant to make provisions for the legalization of same sex marriage considering the fact that Philippines is a catholic country. Naturally, a lot of criticism will come if same sex marriage will be approved.

                        Seemingly, people looked at same sex marriage as an immoral act, not good to see in the eyes of the other, therefore, it is scandalous and it shouldn’t be made legal. A very limited point of view of what morality means? Why can’t lawmakers give rights for gays/lesbians to be legally married? Definitely, they will not use the money of the Filipino people for the celebration. Unlike those greedy politicians who keep on spending the money of the country for going abroad, stayed in first class hotels, having expensive gadgets for their work, having luxury cars yet many people suffered in poverty but it seems they have not felt the agony of the people. Corrupt politicians are disgraced to the country. Shame on you!!!! Now, whose actions are immoral, inappropriate, and scandalous? No provisions also made in the constitution that allows corruption and yet politicians are doing it. So, lawmakers, why can’t you give way and make laws for same sex marriage for the gays/lesbians for them to be happy in one way or another and be protected legally? Those people who are against of same sex marriage just give gays/lesbians a break. Don’t be too harsh on them. Apparently, it’s not for us to condemn these people….If you were one of the lawmakers, what will you do?   



1. JANE PALICTE - September 9, 2008

The same sex marriage in the Philippines is not a normal issue. For us Filipinos, this kind of activity is an immoral act. Maybe, we Filipinos have this kind of perspective about the same sex marriage because of the kind of culture that we have in the Philippines. Our views about this issue is being influenced by the culture that we have. Because the normal view of marriage in our country is a woman and a man who exchanges their vows in front of a priest or a person who is vested with a vitue it is already imposed in our minds that two persons with opposite genders can enter a sacrament of marriage.But for me, I would be in favor with the same sex marriage as long as this will not affect the other people. For me, and in my own perspective, there is nothing wrong with it, it’s just that the Philippines is a democratic country so we have the freedom to express and to do the things and decide on things that we think is right. Also, God had given us the gift of love so why don’t we share it? Also, falling in love with the same sex or getting married with the same sex is just a noble act for me coz we are being true to ourselves no matter what other people may say, besides, there’s nothing wrong with loving.

With regards with the lawmakers, and if I will be one of them, of course, I will not be selfish. All of us have the equal rights even the lesbians and the gays so why codemn those people who entered in the same sex marriage? It will be unfair on their part if we will forsake thier rights. If I am a lawmaker, I will impose a law of allowing same sex marriage and I will stand for making this law in order to defend and fight the for rights of the lesbian and gay people. It will be a starting point of the equality of the people of the society, either a boy or a girl, a gay or a lesbian, all of us has an equal rights, so fight for what is just and for equality!

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