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A Reflection on Measuring Philippine Development by: Maribeth Q. Galindo September 1, 2008

Posted by beth95 in current issues and historical facts.

                    The Philippines, categorically, is a nation which, unfortunately belongs to the third world country, a definition of relatively struggling nation when it comes to economic progress and development. This category has been the country’s unfavorable image for a long period of time, hence, the government and other private sectors made strenuous efforts and programs to get rid of this status by creating different techniques just to improve the condition of living of every Filipino people in general.

                   This is maybe the reason the Development Academy of the Philippines conducted a study on The Social Indicators to hopefully implemented an appropriate program for national welfares. The social indicator’s project aims to gauge the present condition of the Philippines in the modern society; its objective is a system of measurement which is capable of depicting aspects of both improvement and deterioration in national welfares.

                    The report extensively contains an appraisal of the circumstances of Filipino welfares, its causes and effects and the right things to be done especially for political leaders to be more considerate in creating laws and programs. The social indicators presented hopefully will be used as guidelines in identifying and implementing the right policies. The government has its responsibility to rightfully disseminate the information to the general public, so they will be informed on the great deal of this awareness.

                   The term “welfare” as define in the report is used in broad sense. It is associated with “well being”, “happiness”, “quantity of life”, “state of development” and other terms which is meant to refer to the degree of achievement of the important goals of Philippine society as the whole project proceeded.

                   The following are the proposed set of social indicators for the Philippine welfare:

  1. Health and Nutrition — free from hunger, malnutrition and disease in life.
  2. Learning — Acquisition of knowledge and skill on the job.
  3. Income and Consumption — freedom from poverty, for greater consumption and for protection against inflation.
  4. Employment — people be able to work and to be fairly compensated.
  5. Non-human productive resources — the rate of exploitation doe not prejudice future generation.
  6. Housing, utilities and the environment — basic concern for proper housing, safe water, electricity and clean air to breathe.
  7. Public Safety and Justice — basic concern for peace and order and for speedy, equitable and efficient justice.
  8. Political Values — basic concern for a democratic government with freedom both to participate.


                      Social indicators then is equated with welfare indicators which is designed to reflect the degree of enhancement in any social concern on the degree of sharing in that enhancement among present day Filipinos and between those alive and unborn. But in analyzing different aspects of achievement and welfare, the policies should be totally diverse from other countries and territories because the Philippine society needs are far more different and that the national welfare is based on the present condition, culture and tradition of Filipinos. But even its citizen also has different needs, the underprivileged has different priorities and necessities compare to the upper class. They are more concern on their personal needs than that of their environment.

                       Thus, in order to achieve a progressive condition of the Filipinos, the indicators used for evaluating the improvement as well as the deterioration of the national welfare must be significant and clearly defined to come up with orderly and well organized policies to harmonize with the present situation of the Philippine society with fairness regardless of the class and status of each individual. The national welfares reflected different concerns and considerations specifically political, social and ethical. These concerns must be put into consideration when implementing policies to avoid biases and discrimination against certain groups and individuals. Ethnically, Philippines subdivided into different groups and this variation has mixed traditions, beliefs and needs and these considerations sometimes are so sensitive that the social indicators must be carefully outlined to compliment these factors.

                    The modern world is fast changing, norms sometimes dictate society and in order to be more responsive with this changes, the environment must completely in harmony with the level of condition of the lives of every citizen to function well in the society. The national welfares should be taken care of and be equally distributed to every single person to experience life in a more meaningful and sensible way. If these needs will not meet and if the welfare is inadequate, chances are, development and progress is impossible to achieve and as a result, slow improvement in the different aspects of life and convenience is too dim for everyone to experience. Economic and ethical concerns, in some ways are two inseparable states when progress is concerned because they both played an important role in the lives of the people. Without economic stability, society tends to slump down, without fairness in ethical conditions, environment lost the very profound of freedom in every areas. Therefore these two basic concerns should be satisfied first in order to achieve a just and humane society, penetrating further the real meaning of development.





1. adilyn libradores - September 19, 2008

for me,the statement that states above are all true.we can really see status of our nation today that theres no progressing that happens.were loaded of problems instead of happiness that can be seen in our face,but sad to say its opposite to the things that we wanted to happen in our life.every filipino is suffering from poverty and we can see it in our face,in our standard of living,in our everyday life!!!!!!sad to say that only those people who are in politics are the one who’s in rich standard and they ‘re children were in beautiful schools they can even afford to educate their children in abroad…but the quwstion is “WHAT ABOUT US?” we also have the right to educate ourselves but the situation in our family is pulling us…hope that our government will make some actions about this…of course, they are,,,but not enough to progress our country..we cant even fight to other country..maybe in sports,atheletes but these things wont help us to improve our standard…yeah!were recognize because of this things that we filipinos are good in this…and it only ends with that!!!!our government must see that many people are wanted to be :SOMEBODY”….NOT JUST A PERSON THAT IS “NOBODY”.!!!!!

2. melchor valmoria - September 20, 2008

As what i have read in this article, the government strives for a progression of our country. Privilege such as Phil. health, Quality education for private or public sectors is very helpful to the citizens. Infrastructures, airports, land and water transportation was made by our government successfully. However, our country still struggling the different crisis likewise the expectation about future development is not yet really full experienced most of the Filipino citizens.
Corrupt, gambling, the battle between senates to senates,poverty of the basic needs, inceasing crimes like rape, war, ambush et.al is one of the hindrances to achieved the word “progress.”
I think the implementation of diffrent laws was only written in the paper and doesn’t distribute to us. A reason for poverty we encountered in the present. Why? if our government follow the appropriate laws and guidelines we will not encounter crisis.
Inspite of the calamiteis in our country i could say that we are thankful because still we can smile to our classmates and peer groups and have the courage to fight the crisis in order to survive. I therefore conclude that the important thing is to pray for our government officials to do their obligation accurately without bias and serve the citizens honestly. If we feel anger to the government we should not put their personality idiotly since they are in the higher position and still they represent as officials in our country that’s why we must give respect to them whatever and whoever they are.

3. melchor valmoria - September 20, 2008

As what i have read in this article, the government strives for a progression of our country. Privilege such as Phil. health, Quality education for private or public sectors is very helpful to the citizens. Infrastructures, airports, land and water transportation was made by our government successfully. However, our country still struggling the different crisis likewise the expectation about future development is not yet really full experienced most of the Filipino citizens.
Corrupt, gambling, the battle between senates to senates,poverty of the basic needs, inceasing crimes like rape, war, ambush et.al is one of the hindrances to achieved the word “progress.”
I think the implementation of diffrent laws was only written in the paper and doesn’t distribute to us. A reason for poverty we encountered in the present. Why? if our government follow the appropriate laws and guidelines we will not encounter crisis.
Inspite of the calamities in our country i could say that we are thankful because still we can smile to our classmates and peer groups and have the courage to fight the crisis in order to survive. I therefore conclude that the important thing is to pray for our government officials to do their obligation accurately without bias and serve the citizens honestly. If we feel anger to the government we should not put their personality idiotly since they are in the higher position and still they represent as officials in our country that’s why we must give respect to them whatever and whoever they are.

4. huevos - September 21, 2008

I could tell that our country is not progressing.There are still people who are suffering from poverty. Look around us, there are many street children or if not, you can see child laborers. Let’s not forget that we are still experiencing scarcity of rice-one thing that gives us burden. In terms of health and nutrition, many are starving. In terms of education, we have many public schools but there are still parents who can’t afford to send their children in school.
Nowadays, the rate of unemployment rate is increasing. fresh gradutes are finding hard to look for a job. In terms of safety, I’m not yet satisfied bacause crimes are still very ramphant.
in terms of politics, only few politicians who are sincere in their job but most of them are corrupt.
But one thing is for sure that I admire in this country, Filipinos could still smile despite of all the problems they have encountered.

5. Arlene Joy Ga-as - September 23, 2008

As far as I observed our country somehow are evolving in a positive way although problems in our country are inevitable. I can see the efforts that the government is doing in order to improve the way they’re running our country for its development. In the article, those proposed set of social indicators will greatly bring happiness to us citizens in the country because it will lessen our burden. However, many of our co-Filipinos in this present time are starving despite the efforts that the government is doing but even for that fact I know that our country will still survive it just need more efforts for us to progress. If only all politicians are 100% honest; not greedy in their duty as servant of our country maybe our country will develop more rapidly like other country but however, we must still be thankful for the deeds that our government and other private sectors are doing in fairness they are taking their part in helping enhance our country for its development.

—God bless our country! –Arlene Joy

6. mayeth basinillo - September 23, 2008

my comment in this article that our country today have no peace and progress, we all know that our country suffer a lot of problems and our country today poverty, we can see it in the people around us, we can see child labor, we can see a lot of street chidrens and we can see some families that even in education with thier children they cant even support, yes it true that our government today finding a way that can answer the poverty of our country but they still put high price to our economic issues, is this really the answer? example in this is the price of the rice, many people, many families cant afford to buy enough food or rice to feed their family, what i mean is the government should find a best way to solve the poverty of our country i think they must focus in the WORK and Enough education to educate those children that cant go to school because of financial problem.

7. michael piquiro - September 24, 2008

Since the issue talks about development ,welfare and why Philippines lost in development. For me all of this things can be achieve if the leaders and all of the Filipinos have the morality and great spirituality that must be live and not just to believe.Many laws were implemented and many programs were raised but still worthless in Filipino society.Why? Because we Filipinos are lack in discipline with in our self and dominant of the Filipino traits are not ideal and worthy for the goal which is development. We Filipinos are [chismosa][seloso][sinahon][sundugera/o][libakero/a][bintahoso]and others which is not desirable.Even just a simple rule we can’t follow.Foreigners are shock and look down us Filipinos even though we are hospitable and loving.Because even by just passing the pedestrian lane we can’t follow how much more to the higher laws?Filipinos are corrupt, lack of discipline and most of us are good when somebody is looking.’if the cat is out the mouse will play’.That is why we must have to repent and try to ask ourself ‘is it right to do?And must have fear on God heartedly.

8. hazel villaruz - September 24, 2008

As of this moment of time,we are experiencing probems in our society.We have encounter major problems such as poverty and unemployment.We all know that the government doing their best as they can for the improvement of our society, but still we have that so called problems on having an appropriate job for us.This might be connecting to our culture in which all of us have the freedom to do what is good for us.Our country is not improving, if we base in our economic situation because we are not aware on how we are going to solve this problem.In fact we are good enough and we strive hard for the improvement of our work for the benefit of our country.It is the government who are responsible for this situation but still they were corrupting the money.It is their fault why we are experiencing this kind of problem.So it is our job and also the government to encourage all the filipinos to work hard and become more responsible.

9. kava d' wais - September 24, 2008

In my own opinion, I really think that philippines will never really solved its current economic, social and political problems. Unless, every single Filipinos work together and unite… I’m just being practical here!!! but its just plain old impossible is it??? I mean working together and unite??? duhhh!!! Like that will ever happen… maybe in a million years or so hehe Even with this so-called “welfare”. I admire their efforts and all, but its still not sufficient enough to help with the country’s current state. In fact, We can barely solve one problem. For example, the rice shortage, let alone having to face many problems such as lack of education, lack of job opportunities, extrajudicial killings, discrimination, poverty, corruption, inflation, oil price increase, malnutrition and etc… Let’s face the truth!!? speaking or thinking for a solution is still nothing unless we ourselves will do something about it. And in that case, nothing will happen unless each one of us will act now and do our God-given part… there’s still a way we can save this poor and pathetic country of ours which will eventually succumb to its own greed and corruption.

10. ralph cosare - September 25, 2008

No matter what we do, we have to face the fact that we are indeed living in a third world country. Poverty pulls everyone down added by corruption and the government’s negligence towards solving the critical issues of the nation. Aside from that, the Filipinos also lack the discipline in their approach towards living thus it paves the way for cases such as killing, lack of education, malnutrition, abuse, etc. As I look around the environment I am in, I can see how difficult life is. Wrinkles grew deeper as people continually think how they could earn sufficiently inorder to meet their physiological needs. With the continues increase in the price of goods and fare, who would ever believe that there is progress in the Philipines?
We really can’t deny that the country is already left behind by its fellow Asian neighbors. They soar while we slowed down. Lack of economic stability made no advancement. Plus, large amount of debt in the World Bank, I don’t think we are really towards Philippine development.
To solve this problem, we need unity and cooperation. We should have the concern because we are Filipinos and only we can make changes.

11. ian niel o. enghog - September 25, 2008

Our country is the most blessed amongst many other nations in the sense that everything that a person needs: natural resources, foods, etc. can be found here. In fact, many foreigners want to live here because of the abundance resources that we have. Are we responsible of our responsibilities as citizen of this nation? I don”t think so!! What i have observed for 20 years of existing in this country, i can say that we Filipinos were very selfish. Selfish in the sense that we have our own motives, plans or intentions that are not beneficial to all. For instance, politics. Many Filipinos want to involve theirselves in political activities because as what they are commonly saying that they want to help our nation. But what had happened after election?? MAy nagawa ba silang maganda para sa kinabukasan ng bansa at ng bagong henerasyon ng mga kabataan?? Meron datapwa’t hindi man lang ito nangangalahati sa kanilang mga pangako. Not only the politicians can be blamed in this situations?? We should ask then ourselves of what have we contributed to our country. We all know that we belong in a democratic country, we have the freedom to choose our leaders, but have we done?? is the person that we chose is really the person being dictated by our conscience o nasilaw lang tayo sa mga pinag- aabot ng mga pulitiko.. we can’t also deny the fact that we Filipinos has this so- called “crab mnetality.” Kung sino ang nasa itaas ay hilahin natin pababa. Paano tayo maging progresibong bansa kung palagi na lang tayong nagsisimula?? Sa nangyayari sa ating bansa ngayon, i can’t say that there is no more remedies for these problems. God won’t let theses problems came into us if He knows that we can’t solve it…… Kahit sabihin pa nilang malayo na tayo masyado sa kabihasnan for as long as nag- eexist pa yung bansa natin kaya natin to!!! What we need is TRUST, UNITY AND COOPERATION….
May God Bless Us All!!!!!

12. reyan bustillo - September 25, 2008

it will be good if the said national welfare will be fairly distrubeted to the DESERVING people who really needs it. however, looking at my almost twenty year of living here in the philippines, i think it is a bit impossible! why? it is because of our legendary and unbeatable behavior… CORRUPTION!

yes, our country is so lucky of abundancy of natural resources. these natural resources is one of the sources which our country can get its national welfare. however, the finances that is aloted to for the improvemt is being taken by our corrupt politicians and government officials.

the so called well organized policies can be good for these national welfare. however, the people who implements it and/or the higher officials are the first oes who violates these policies. so how can the counrty implement it for our improvement?

13. Anne Danielle Alfelor - September 25, 2008

It is noticeable that our great (I still believe so) nation is already battling over numerous economic problems. Thus, the Philippine government is seeking the most excellent ways to resolve the said conflicts yet it seems to me that although they are striving for the development of our country, the people are still unhappy. They still have doubts with regard to the actions of our government officials but what they have overlooked are the ones that are much helpful to many. We are the beneficiary of that projects/program which the government has made. Though there may be some irresponsible, insincere and corrupt officials, we as the people of our nation should not neglect our own responsibilities as one contributing factor to the progression of our homeland.

As what the article has pointed out, we can only attain the progress that we are aspiring if the government would take initiative to make the public understand the needs to improve our condition. There must be fairness among people regardless of their social status. We can never help each other if one is intentionally moving forward and the others are being left behind. They must serve the people without prejudice anyway that is the reason why they are in their position. The public however, must also refrain from being passive and therefore they must show cooperation to the efforts that are being exerted by the government. Instead of disobeying, disrespecting and other negative actions that we tend to do because we are confronted by personal issues, we should lend a hand to one another. Through these simple ways, I do think it would somehow uplift our present condition and hopefully achieve the so-called “Philippine development”.


14. Justine Dangcalan - September 26, 2008

i cant say that the philippines is progressing. we are still sufferring from poverty. many filipinos can’t find job. many people is sufferring due to poverty, corruptions of the officials, etc.
we are lucky of our natural resources but still we dont progress because of our deviant actions and manners.

15. Rhoda kristine taunan - September 26, 2008

Phillipines is still sufferring poverty, we all Filipinos are in financial crisis. It is a good proposal, but the problem is where can we get the money to start this proposal?. As we all know phillipines is facing so many social issues, from the government to everything, we are all in poverty, and thinking ’bout how huge amount of money the government would alot to this development is another issue. We cant really be sure that it woul really go in the defvelopment of the country and not in the development of some people’s mansion,car etc.etc.etc…

16. JANE PALICTE - September 26, 2008

Progress in our country is hardly to achieve because of many factors. In today’s time, we are not blind of what is really the scenario that is taking place in our country.We are in a country that dominantly occupied with poor citizens, a country controlled and managed by corrupt people and a country composed majority of people blinded by greed. Seeing this kind of scenario, do you think there will be a Development that will took place?
Yet, it is true that there are some steps being made in order to increase the development of our country, but have you noticed something? People in the government have given great efforts on it if the election is fast approaching or someone from the other country will visit Philippine in order for the Philippines to have a nice image on these foreign people. It is just my perspective in a microperspective manner.
On the other hand, looking on the macroperspective way,i have noticed that the booming of our country is very slow because of the way of implementation of the policies and the regulations of the country. Sometimes, the policies are unfair because of some inconsiderate aspects. They are not looking on the welfare of all people no matter what class they belong in the society that sometimes ended to be one sided that is why the progress of our country is very hard to achieve.

Also, if these selfish and corrupt people in the government will be ousted and if only these government officials will think equally for the welfare of all people, poor or rich, maybe is not hard for us to achieve progress and development. And if only all of us will be more innovative and will always think for the welfare of all people and not only for themselves, in no time, Philippines will reach the progress and development that we wish for. And if equality will prevail, all of us, will experience a life more meaningful that before!

17. Karla Mae Tabanao - September 29, 2008

In my 19 years of living in this country, there’s only one sure thing that i truly believe to be true about the Philippines: Our country has no hope of progressing. So much of these talks and suggestions of making the country better: aid for health and education, well for me they are all lies. All just means for the politicians or so i call them, thieves in coats, to gain much more money than they already have. There’s no point in believing that the Philippines has a chance. No point in hoping that these things might actually work. One thing i learned about politics and religion: Both are business. They run for money despite whatever they step on. So whats the point in hoping for the government to straighten up with their so called”projects” to help the poor? I say, go to school, do well, and leave this damn country. We all know it’s going to hell.

18. Joel M. Accion Jr. - September 29, 2008

It is really true that the Philippines belongs to the third world country, however, as a citizen in this country, i think we still have the chance to uplift our economic condition if we will be united as one nation in terms of social relationships and values. I observed that “values” is a factor that hinder us towards development, we can observe that there are so many political leaders who are corrupt in which we expected them to promote the general welfare,lack of respect and some do not adhere to the concept of law. Development is a process and it is better for us to start it in ourselves and reflect on the question that “am i doing something for the development of this country?” If we will try to base on the issue on natural resources, we have so many things that would lead us to development, but still we do not make use of them properly because we are just thinking of the benefit of our own self, family and other groups which hinder us to extend our help and concern to our fellow countrymen. As a political science student, if there is problem, there is always a solution whether it is economic, social or political problem. If people in a state would have a strong and harmonious relationship with each other and to the government, then it is very easy to attain development because every individual is concerned. Politically speaking, we are politically immature especially during election, we tend to sell our votes. Finally, for me, the only hope we have is massive education, through this, we will be equipped with the values that are necessary for our own existence in this world.

19. Ana B. Jabagat - September 29, 2008

for me we can’t stop or scape from poverty since we all know that our country did not exist… why? i think because of our own behavior.we filipino did not unite with one another that’s why there are people who are suffered from poverty. if we talks about our government system we are a country of corruption! thats why those people who belong into a lower class they suffered most. and others are victim of injustices. so, i think if we need a good development in our own country we should help and cooperate with one another.

20. prescel busquit - September 29, 2008

As i watch the people around me, it made me realized that there are many people more suffering from poverty than I am. Many people around the Philippines suffer from poverty. And this proves that Philippines didn’t progress in terms of the welfare of the Filipinos living in the country. We can see that many Filipino families lacks food, shelter, education and other basic commodities. How can we prevent or even stop this situation ? How can the Filipinos be free from suffering poverty? Well, maybe our officials can somewhat answer these questions. But have they made actions to this problems? I guess yes, but it isn’t enough because of some corrupt politicians. There are many proposed projects for the welfare of the Filipinos but unfortunately it wasn’t being implemented properly. Why is this so? Maybe because we didn’t choose the right official that could really help the Filipinos in all their problems in terms of basic needs. We became blind in all their promises specially when election is coming. But of course I’m not referring to all politicians but we can’t hide the truth that Philippines is one of the most corrupt country.
That’s why now as days gone by, economic crisis increases. A true progressive country can be measure if the people living there can provide their basic needs or their welfare was given or satisfied. So, what about our country? Can we say that our country is progressing? Well, we can immediately answer that by seeing the situation of the Filipinos in different part of the country. Dahil habang tumatagal lalong lumalala ang kahirapan ng tao ngayon. And I can really feel that because im one of those people suffer from poverty.
Therefore, we should now be wise in choosing our officials, those who are responsible. And of course our officials now should make some moves in curing the major problem in our country. Instead of implementing projects that was not so important, they should think first the welfare of the people because its so pathetic to see how poor our country is. how poor the people living in different areas whom doesn’t even have enough food to eat. But of course we should not loose hope in solving the problems in our country now. We should pray to God to enlighten the minds of those corrupt politicians to be responsible. And we, the people living in our country should also be responsible and be cooperative to make some developments here.

21. Catherine Jane Rosales - September 30, 2008

It is really apparent that our country today is suffering from a dilemma. Because of this, the welfare of every Filipino is neglected and cannot be sustained. Instead of making ways in order to cope up with it, we tend to blame and finger point each other. But still, nothing happens. We just added the commotion.The social indicators project, I believe, is a good step for us to gradually make improvements.Political leaders plays a very crucial role so they must be guided accordingly regarding the laws and policies they have to implement. We cannot deny the fact that in our society, every citizen is labeled. Upper and lower class have different needs so the policies to be make must be just to everybody. Moreover, I also agree that the economic and ethical concerns must be resolved first, and if done triumphantly, everything follows.800

22. jhong flores - September 30, 2008

the country belongs to the third world country since i was born…
i think that for the country to improved or have some progress, the goverment should fucos to the education of the filipinos, cause if all the filipinos are intelligent they will be competitors with the other, they will be good in all areas of knowlegde, so that they may think good idea or ways to improve the economic ability of our country. specially in our agriculture cause philippines is a very rich country when it comes to natural resources.
as i observe, now, our goverment was fucosed on the military forces agaisnt the rebel people, which i think useless, because the both parties, the military and rebels, are all aiming for peace but then they are figthing,, ‘”, )
the disimprovement of our country do not depends on our leaders, it depends in every people of our country, decipline should be in every filipinos for the country to improve. judy flores. 8:00

23. eara may gamba - September 30, 2008

As far as i understand to that article,poverty is a very common and never ending problem in our society.
for me, the main reason about this poverty is that people in the higher position doing bad things and that so called corruption.That problem that never ends as long as there are people corrupting the money of the government.They dont even realize that many people are suferring from the poverty.That corrupt politicians feel comfortable while their people are uncomfortable to their situation.STOP CORRUPTING!!!

24. Michael Angelou H. Ponte - September 30, 2008

Its nice to look up that there is a development in the Philippines but its sad to say that the said development is did not felt by the order people specially the poor people.,For me all i can say is that if there is a development maybe only the rich people well feel that there is a development but like the poor people they are still competing to there life to survive that is why for me there is such development at all times.,

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