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Just a Thought on Scientific Revolution by: Maribeth Q. Galindo August 18, 2008

Posted by beth95 in Thoughts.


                               Man is never been satisfied and contented. There are many questions in his mind that needs to be answered, many doubts that needs to be clarified, many misconceptions that needs to be corrected and sometimes there are questions that remains to b questions forever, that is why man never stops searching for truth no matter how far and  long it takes, how heavy the difficulty was/is, no matter what degradation he subject himself to, he will still continue the journey of searching and in doing so, he can be more organized and systematic in finding ways.

                      Nevertheless, expect that not everybody will go to accept the results of your endeavor if it is to be presented to an individual, community or society considering that they have already established set of beliefs/norms that are highly followed and the difficulty to replace the old beliefs/norms with the new ones will be encountered.

                   Likewise, in any field of discipline, there will always be an individual, researchers or group of experts usually come up with new assumptions or theories that requires the reconstruction of prior assumptions and the reevaluation of prior facts. In doing so, expect that experts will encounter problem for convincing the established community for the acceptance of new theories/assumptions, thus strong resistance will be shown.

                     Moreover, a shift in professional commitments to share assumptions takes place when an anomaly “subverts the existing tradition of scientific practice”. These shifts are what Kuhn describes as scientific revolutions. The tradition shattering complements to the tradition bound activity of normal science is predicted on the assumption that scientific community knows what the world is like. Scientist then takes great pains in defending the new assumption. But when the shift takes place, a scientist world is qualitatively transformed and quantitatively enriched by fundamental novelties of either facts or theories.

                     Initially, a new paradigm is beneficial and it offers a promise of success since it gives a better, clearer and a more systematic study in any fields of specialization that brings good contributions to society itself. Thus, coming up with the scientific revolution can be understood as a collaborative, interest based efforts to resolve an unanswered questions, conflicts or doubts. Indeed, scientist have to remember that a paradigm is limited in scope and if paradigm consist of basic and incontrovertible assumptions about the nature of discipline, what questions then are left to ask?





1. coleen rañoa - August 18, 2008

nyc thot ma’am.. :]] hehe jz lyk wt u sed, man hs lots of questions n his mnd….jz as i am… ahehe

last mnth, i read d book entitled “The Purpose Driven Life”.. i dnt knw f u hpen 2 read bout 8.. 8 ws rily gud.. 1 of d chpterz der ws entitled “u r nt an accident”.. as i read d hol content of 8, d thot ws He dd nt created u accidentally.. w/c mkez me mor confused y im a lot different dn odr ppol around me.. i read articles bout HERMAPHRODITE cases bt stl, 8 does nt satsfy me.. LOL hehe

nywyz, jz wna let u knw mam dt mny ppol admired ur blog.. :]] hehe lbay lng q.. c ya 2mrw!;]] hihi

P.S: sme of my clsm8z hpen 2 pass by rm. 309 gnna, around 2pm.. & 1 of dem sed, “grb c mam b.. ng.effort jd ug prpare ug vsual aidz pra s iya klse..” 😀

2. mark - August 21, 2008


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