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Women Who Fall with a Married Man by: Maribeth Q. Galindo August 11, 2008

Posted by beth95 in relationships.

      One night, I was riding a jeep going home. It took the ride for almost an hour before reaching my destination. I fall asleep until my consciousness was caught by two ladies who were sitting beside me who kept on talking about their illicit affair with a married man. Unintentionally, I heard everything they’ve talked about. As if these two ladies doesn’t care if others will hear them. Who cares anyway? I said to myself, what a flirt ladies! As if I am not one of them……. to loud to tell about their illicit affairs and theirs nothing to be proud of!!!!! One of them even said, well if our relationship will end at least I’ve tasted him. She’s really flirty, isn’t it? But I like what she said “I’ve tasted him”. It sounds like a woman whose world does not evolve and revolve with a man only that whatever happens life must go on…

                      As they go on with their conversation, I realized somehow that they are naïve in one way or another when one of them said if only the man at first does not pretend that he is single and if only I have known it earlier, I wouldn’t be fall for him…I said to myself, well married man ten meters away from home made themselves single, with the exemption of some. If the man takes care of you, looks good, financially stable, love you that much, I rather want to be called as naïve some naughty thoughts came in my mind while listening.

                      Nevertheless, I felt pity on them because they can be a victim of love. Their vulnerability was being tested by the circumstance that can be difficult to stop because it involves emotional attachment.  A circumstance that measured their conviction in life on how far are they going to stand by their principle? Thus, one of the uncontrollable circumstance is falling in love coz we cannot tell our hearts when to start loving. In that sense, my sympathy is with them because when you fell in love you cannot rationalize your feelings sometimes. No matter how intelligent you are and how morally accepted are your thoughts, it would not make you stop loving the person. Even if the people surrounds you slaps in your face the disadvantage of pursuing the relationship, still you insist your feelings. Upon knowing the worst of the person you love, still you continue loving him. Upon learning that at the end of the relationship you’re on the losing side, still you fight for him. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! What a nice feelings but terrible, unstoppable and unthinkable. When you’re in love you cannot tell your heart when to stop loving the person.

                      Now, is it right for us to label these women who fall with a married man as FLIRTY one because they are too loud in their relationship? Or can we call them as NAÏVE one because they can easily be fooled with words and promises? Or VICTIM because they couldn’t resist the temptation of love. The answer lies in your hand. What do you think?             





1. adilyn - September 3, 2008

for me,it’s a big “KATANGAHAN”,why love to a man whose married as if their’s no man that’s single anymore in this world?…such a jerk!!!!!!!??????you’re just hurting yourself dear….even if your not that beautiful like other woman but you have the right to be happy in this world…..not only having happines in “BEDS”. pity on you,cause you know you can have someone that’s not commited to others. you know what do you call to the things you’re doing?.it’s ADULTERY!!you’re causing a child to grow without father behind them and you’re causing a wife without husband to help in the needs of their family…….YOU’RE SUCH A FOOL!!!!!!!

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