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Mayang Bungol by: Maribeth Q. Galindo July 28, 2008

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                       I often heard the term Mayang Bungol being uttered by my gay friends every time we have conversation. I got curious of what does it mean because I couldn’t found the term in the dictionary, so when I asked them, they said the term is being referred to those guys whose hiding their real color. They dress like, talk like, live like, act like a macho man but behind the image that they portray, live a big fantasy. They were laughing out loud while describing the term and said it takes one to know one. Then, I conclude, Mayang Bungol is an idiomatic expression used by some group of gays which they labeled to those homosexual whose identity are not yet revealed to their family, relatives, friends, girlfriends or even to their wives.

                         Suddenly, I asked my gay friends, how would I know if my boyfriend is straight or not? They were laughing again and said, girl be observant to your boyfriend actions and reactions…..When you were dating in the mall or where ever while you were eating or walking and unconsciously, he gave side comments about the perfumes, hair styles, finger nails, out fits of every man that caught his attention more or less your bf is mayang ungbol. Nevertheless, when you were watching movie be naughty sometimes. Slowly touch his private part, when he refuses and got mad, girl your bf is 99.9% mayang bungol. Straight guys may not react that way, they love that they’re private part will be touched by their gf, its not rude but it’s a normal reaction.….. I got silent for a moment and said to myself, I’ll do it after all he is my boyfriend…You too ladies out there who have boyfriends, try also to do it. Anyway, there’s no harm in trying………………

                        I further asked other signs of mayang bungol. They said with confident, those guys who keeps on changing their gf every now and then who pretends to be a “chickboy” trying to convince themselves that they are straight, trying to cover their identity by having many girls in his life to the extend of having sex to his girls but still the guy is not satisfied, then he is mayang bungol.  In addition, if the guy got mad or annoyed, if he knows a certain gals got a crush or admiration on him to the extend of ignoring the gal’s presence. Straight guys seldom act that way. Seemingly, if the guy reached at his age of 30’s, good looking and stable financially yet no plan to have a girlfriend or to settle down, then he is mayang bungol. Straight guys with good looks usually at that age has gf or planning to settle down. Thus, for newly wed couple, after 3 or 4 weeks, the guy starts to sleep separately at night and make alibis that he is tired from his work and seldom have sex with his wife, no doubt, the guy is mayang bungol . Straight guy would not abstain from sex since it’s still their honeymoon period and supposedly enjoy each other’s presence on bed.

                         On the contrary, I believe that not all guys who does similar actions and reactions on the different situations mentioned were all mayang bungol. I would like to give the benefit of the doubt for those who are not really mayang bungol but their feminity is likely obvious. Indeed, I have nothing against them. In fact I feel pity on them. It’s not easy to suppress your emotions just because you wanted to please the people surrounds you even to the extend of sacrificing your own happiness. I could not imagine how life would it be, living in the world of lies……My sympathy is with them too, as much as they don’t want the feelings but they have difficulty of controlling or stopping it, its really an agony. It is an emotional and psychological torture on their part that needs to be understood deeply especially by their loved ones without criticizing or judging them.



1. edjealou - August 19, 2008

Well.. this was very true.. i have so many friends who are what you call “MAYANG BUNGOL”. the term seems new to me, but i knew of a very SPECIAL friend who has that kind of personality. SPECIAL bcoz i knew for the fact that i can still change him. i Love him eventhough i was the only person to know that he is bisexual. I believe that he is not actually like that. he was just influenced by his environment. he’s living with his brothers bcoz his parents dont exist animor. and unfortunately, one of his closest brother is a MAYANG bUNGOL and i think, he just adopted what he’s brother was doing. he is easily attracted to boys and hopefully i can change him! but, still on doubt. how can i help him change?

2. Anne Danielle Alfelor - August 24, 2008

This is a Good article..i wonder if my boyfriend is a “Mayang Bungol”. i know some friends who acts like this. thanks to you, Now i know what to call them.. LOL.:)

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